Seamoon Skye Machine


All encompassing, enveloping time and space.

The Skye Machine is the embodiment of all things ethereal.

Combining an all-analog circuit with three distinct chorus palettes, the Skye Machine is the first, last and only chorus you will ever need.

From smooth and subtle to warped and transforming, the Skye Machine is the beginning and end of your chorus journey.

Equally adept at handling bass, guitar, and keyboards, let your universal journey through the cosmos begin with the Skye Machine.

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  • All Analog Design
  • True Stereo/Mono Output
  • Three Distinct Chorus Selections
    • Top Position: A medium level of all analog glory. Beautiful and present, a perfect sweet spot.
    • Middle Position: The longest delay time. Throbby, pulsey with a maximum amount of beautiful swirl.
    • Bottom Position: The most subtle setting. Gorgeous, shimmery, delightful. When you need to add a little sweetness to your sound.
    • Blend Control
  • Breathtaking Seamoon Paint Job

Product Dimensions:

  • Length 4.43 in
  • Width 2.37 in
  • Height 1.25
  • Weight 1 lb
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