Seamoon Grind Machine


Because bass players need love (and distortion) too!

For too long, bassists have had to suffer with half-baked guitar distortion pedals or one dimensional “modern” bass distortion pedals that offer tone akin to a lead pipe slamming into a steel girder.

But No More!!

Enter-The Seamoon Grind Machine.

Designed to deliver versatility, tone and responsiveness to the most demanding bassists.

Warm up a solid state amp or drive that tube stack to new levels of mayhem.

From Funk to Rock To Pop To Metal, the Grind Machine offers a complete palette of distortion/overdrive tones in one box.

In stock


All Analog Bass Distortion/Overdrive


  • Cut Control
  • Blend Control
  • All Analog
  • Evil Looking Matte Black Enclosure!
  • Versatile Distortion/Overdrive Circuitry
  • Made in the USA!!

Warm and retro-fuzzy or modern with the ability to crush buildings.

The Grind Machine is the bassists best friend.

Product Dimensions:

  • Length 4.43 in
  • Width 2.37 in
  • Height 1.25
  • Weight 1 lb
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