Neil Jason & The Seamoon All-Stars

Super Session Vol. 1

The Album

World Renowned Musicians

Dr. Steve Gadd
Paul Shaffer
Randy Brecker
Neil Jason
Ben Fulton
John McCurry
Ada Rovatti
Tom “Bones” Malone

Days of Sessions at the World Famous Power Station - NYC

The Session

The Idea

As with most things in the world of Seamoon FX, we had an idea.

A really good idea.

Actually, an idea bordering on great.

And as with most great ideas it started with a simple observation. Lots of people were using our pedals in a lot of unique and interesting ways.

In ways we had not considered.

The Funk Machine had found its way into the pedalboards of many horn players. Maybe not so unusual given that both Michael and Randy Brecker had been advocates of the original Funk Machine back in the 70’s. But hey!

Really cool that horn players were picking up on it. Everyone is invited to the party!

Honestly, Seamoon FX was initially conceived largely as a “bass-centric” company making the sort of pedals that were not readily available in the bass market. Essentially, we were building pedals we wanted in our boards and hopefully other people would feel the same.

So far, so good.

But then we noticed that the Funk Machine was being used as out board processing for acoustic and electronic drums. Guitarists were coming into the fold as well- the all-analog tone and feel of the Funk Machine was finding a market well outside of what we had originally conceived. This was good.

With the release of the Grind Machine, things really started to get weird-in a good way.

The original prototypes had been sent to Neil for rehearsals on the Roxy Music 50th anniversary tour. As the Grind Machine was conceived as a bass overdrive/distortion we felt this was a fairly straight ahead pedal.

And we were wrong.

The guitarists liked them so much they “borrowed” them on an indefinite basis. Yes, the Grind Machine sounded great on guitar. A happy accident!  We’ll take it, no problem.

But the plot got thicker as the Grind Machine was introduced to keyboard players. Many were using it for some extra “dirt” on Rhodes and piano sounds. Harmonica players were coming into the fold as well. Again, it sounded good and worked very well. We aim to please!

With the upcoming release of the Octatron octave pedal and the Skye Machine chorus pedal we were coming to the realization that people were coming to Seamoon FX as an “alternative” pedal company. Good sounding pedals, easy to use and versatile.

During a company meeting back in December 2022, Neil thought it would be a good idea to do some videos showing the versatility on all the pedals.

Neil is always good for a good idea.

And Neil has very good friends (he has been doing this for a minute).

After a lot of back and forth, we realized we would need to be where Neil’s friends were and decamped from our humble offices in Florida and temporarily relocated to New York city for the actualization of the project.

And a glorious time it was.

Three days and nights of recording with some of the finest musicians on earth demonstrating the greatness of Seamoon FX in Room A of the world-famous Power Station under the watchful eyes and ears of acclaimed engineer Roy Hendrickson.

When you watch the sessions, please note a certain handsome New Zealander in a cool purple suit on guitar. That is our very own Ben Fulton, designer and co-owner of Seamoon FX.

How many companies can claim owners that can sit in and hang with A list musicians, but we are very proud of Ben. Neil is pretty good too.

The “Super Session” as it has fondly become known as, is an audio and video testament to great musicians using great pedals and making great music. A good time was had by all, and we hope you enjoy watching the Super Session as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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