Seamoon Funk Machine


Where has the Funk gone?

That bygone era of booty shaking, rump bumpin’ good time party music that was always right on time? The sound that always brought you up and never let you down?

Well, fear not!

Seamoon is proud to announce the glorious return of the mighty Seamoon Funk Machine! The effect pedal that launched countless multi-platinum hits.

Equally at home with guitar, bass and horns, the Seamoon Funk Machine provides a chromatic wonderland of envelope filter fun-with a few added surprises.

In stock


All Analog Envelope Filter w/Sub Harmonic


  • Blend Control
  • Frequency Control
  • Depth Control
  • Volume
  • Cool Green Light!
  • Great Paint Job!!
  • Made in the USA!!!

Feel the groove and get the funk happening again!!

Product Dimensions:

  • Length 4.43 in
  • Width 2.37 in
  • Height 1.25
  • Weight 1 lb
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