International Sales


Need The Funk Machine But Live Outside the USA?

Contact Us!! We Want To Help!!!

Seamoon FX is growing on a daily basis. But.....We have really only been up and running for a very short time (Actually, a couple of weeks.). 

We realize there are good people all over the world who want the Funk, who need the Funk, who must have the Funk and those people shall not be denied!

Ben & Neil want to spread the Funk as far and wide as possible. And our international friends are a big part of that story.


Let's do this! 

We will gladly sell anyone on planet earth a Funk Machine. For the amazingly low cost of $199.00,  just like our friends in the US, plus shipping to wherever the Funk must go. 

We have pretty good international shipping rates so you can be sure you are getting the real Funk Machine straight from the source.

We can do this via PayPal or Credit Card.

Please send us an email to:

And we will get everything taken care of. 

Because we are building this experience together!

Keep the Funk Alive!!!!!